Moore Family Abroad

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Summer 2009

Well Cheri, I know you will be proud!!! I am finally posting! Our summer started out great! I came to states and signed papers on a lovely home on Cane River in Natchitoches Louisiana!! It is a perfect home!! We have really enjoyed it. I spent the first few weeks furnishing it with Robin and Melanie's help. I am useless at that sort of thing, right girls?? Next adventure would be a WEDDING!! Lance and Kasie decided to do it! I am so proud of them. They have been through a lot, but now they seem so happy. So the rest of the summer was spent getting ready for the big day. Even with the stress of getting things organized, I wouldn't change a thing. I am thankful that I was able to help. The wedding was simple. She didn't want a big wedding, but I wanted it to be a special day for them. I think it was. In between all the goings on for the summer, Luke ran back and forth between Natchitoches and Houston. He kept the roads busy, two days here, two days there!! Never still and always seemed to forget something at my house...Brodie!!! (his dog!) But I have fell in love with her. ALTHOUGH, Lance says I didn't pass the grand-parenting test, so I can't ever keep his kids!! Not sure why, I just kept losing Brodie!!

Logan...well, he got a truck when we got to states, since he is now 16. So Logan was a life savor running around for me and doing whatever I ask. He has been great to help. Now he will say goodbye to his 'baby' (truck) and start acting as student council president at ISA. He has new student orientation on Tuesday, so he will be off and running!! 

Then for the bad news we have had this summer. Jimmy's dad has be diagnosed  with cancer, for a second time. The prognosis is not good. Jimmy is struggling deciding to go back to Aberdeen with us on Sunday or staying for a few more days. I am sure he or I will be back and forth as much as possible to help out. We have a special time planned with them tonight. Hopefully I will share more on that later.  Keep them in your prayers.

I think that is all the highlights of our summer. Never a dull moment in the life of the Moore's!!